About Flavaurs Drive

Whether you are a connoisseur of traditional Indian cuisine or seeking new adventurous flavours to challenge your palate, we have something to satisfy every appetite.

Located at 58 Aurs Dr, Barrhead, Glasgow G78, our takeaway offers a wide range of traditional Indian dishes infused with European influence.

You can pick your favourite from our crispy Fish & Chips and savoury Fastfoods, authentic Tandoori Dishes, spiced aromatic Signature Dishes, slow-cooked Biryani Dishes and other special choices.

Our aromatic Biryanis are second to none in the area. They are the perfect exemplar of taste and flavour.

Our slow-cooked biryani is the perfect accompaniment to a curry feast. Order it online and have it delivered on the very comfort of your couch. Click and collect option is also available.

Try our Tarka Daal and treat each and every cell of your body to a wealth of health.

Our Special Dishes provides a lot of different irresistible savours that can be tempting to every palate.

Why not try our authentic Chicken Tikka Masala? It is prepared with boneless chunks of roasted marinated chicken swimming in a delicious creamy curry.

Don’t strain to find the best takeaway in Barrhead area. Search for ‘the best Indian takeaway near me’, and, for sure, our name will appear first on the screen.

We’ve partnered up with Mealzo. Order through its website and get a discount of £3 on your orders!

Also, you can call us at 01418812268 for your orders.

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